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Infinite freedom for energy

Be Your Energy Looop

Looop was created with a mission to spread renewable energy around the world and bring prosperity to the society.

We envision a future where energy is freed from all constraints and can be accessible to everyone.

A future where there is no energy burden and everyone can lead a comfortable life.

By delivering a clean energy to the society we anticipate an economic growth and social progress in the society. We strive to make this dream come true.

Looop Supply Chain

A supply chain that provides maximum
adoption of renewable energy

Global warming and conflicts over resources are the sources of many international problems these days. In order to help solve these problems, we work hard every day to help accelerate the rapid expansion of renewable energy by providing consistent services from development to maintenance of renewable energy equipment, to providing power electric power based on renewable energy.

Product Development / Procurement
Solar Module Manufacture

My Hatsudensho kitEasy-to-assemble My Power Station Kit.

A clean power generation kit that
makes it easy to generate your own power
An ‘All-in-One’ `solar PV package with all the components required for a solar power system. Our cheap installation cost that can guarantee shorter payback period.

Looop DenchiLooop Battery

Store electricity efficiently with no waste Has a Built-in AI to manage residential power usage, control charging and discharging of battery based on the amount of power generated from solar power, demand and weather data. The smart technology used helps reduce power losses.

Engineering / Construction / O&M
Solar Business (engineering, procurement, construction)

Mamo LooopO&M service for photovoltaic power plant Mamo-looop

We provide suitable operation and maintenance services to protect your plants from all types of risk

Power plants are constantly exposed to harsh natural environments that have risks related to natural disasters and human factors. It is thus necessary to manage the output of power regardless of the amount of power being generated. Mamo-looop is a O&M service that continually monitors power plant status, while maintaining and inspecting the plant on behalf of the customer by utilizing a remote monitoring system.

Electricity Retailing
Electricity Power Retailing Business

Looop DenkiLooop Electricity

We supply electricity at reasonable price through the use of IT technologies

We analyze the consumption of electricity on a daily basis using our
own independently developed supply and demand management system. We can therefore supply electric power more efficiently.

Achievements in Thailand

In Thailand, we are working with local partner Hamasho Corporation (Thailand) Ltd. to promote domestic solar power generation.

As an example of installation, we installed about 100 kW of Looop solar panels in the existing carport. We were able to make the best use of the roof space without preparing dedicated land, and we are very pleased that we could reduce our electricity bill by using our own electricity.

Project Name Solar Car Port (103.5kW)
Products used Looop solar panels
Introduction purpose Reduction of electricity cost for chiller
CSR appeal
Work period 1 month

Corporate Info

Company Looop Inc.
Establishment April 4, 2011
Representative President and CEO Soichiro Nakamura
Capital 2,251,000,000yen(Capital reserve 1,930,000,000yen)(As of Sep 2018)
Business contents
  • Development, sales, installation, construction and management of photovoltaic power plant system
  • Installation and management of the company's own photovoltaic power plants
  • Online sales of independent solar power generation systems and peripheral equipment
  • Development, sales, installation, construction and management of wind power plant system
  • Planning, development and sale of products using renewable energy
  • Development, sales, installation, construction and management of storage batteries
  • General insurance agency business in partnership with Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited
  • Electricity retail business
  • Outsourcing of businesses related to retail sales of electricity
Registration of qualifications
  • Tokyo governor's certification for specific construction industry (Special -25) No. 141119
  • Tokyo governor's certification for electrical contruction business No 269370
  • Tokyo governor's certification (1) for residential building transactions No. 96183
  • Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry certification as retail electricity provider No. A0021
  • Tokyo public safety commission permit for antique property No 305471704268

[Headquarters] Ueno Frontier Tower 15F/22F 3-24-6 Ueno Taito-ku,Tokyo 110-0005

[Hongo Office] Unizo Hongo 4-chome Building 4-1-4 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033

[Osaka Branch] Terasaki 3rd Building, 1-5-28 Nishi-Mihara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 532-0004

[Fukushima Branch] Koriyama Daido Life Building 7F No. 7, Nakamachi, Koriyama-shi, Fukushima 963-8004 [Nagano Branch] Sompo Japan Koa Suwa Building 6F, 2-1-6 Suwa-shi, Nagano 392-0004

[Hokaido Branch] Shin Hokkaido Building 11F 4-3-1 Kitashichijonishi,Kita-ku,Sapporo,Hokkaido 060-0807

Website https://looop.co.jp