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Photovoltaic Products

MY Solar power generation kit 12

  • Photovoltaic
  • Ground-mounted
  • Low-voltage
  • Output : 12.48kW
  • Solar Panels : 48

Entry model for those who wish to own a solar power plant inexpensively

"MY Solar power generation kit 12" is the entry model which can be installed in a 190 square meters land. MY Solar power generation kit 12 has been popular among beginners continuously since the start of its sales.

MY solar power generation kit 50

  • Photovoltaic
  • Ground-mounted
  • Low-voltage
  • Output : 49.92kW
  • Solar Panels : 192

For those who wish to start solar power generation with inexpensive investment. New entry model for low voltage class solar power generation.

“MY solar power generation kit 50” is entry model to start power generation and gain income easily for those without experiences in solar power generation business if they have more than 770 square meters’ land. The package contains all necessary materials for constructing solar power station, easily documented technical manuals and full covered introduction support services. Compared with conventional low voltage models sold in the market, it surpasses them with its cost performances and, so, can be expected for shorter investment recovery term with its reasonable price of 158 thousand yen per one kilo Watts.

MY solar power generation kit 78/MY solar power generation kit 81

  • Photovoltaic
  • Ground-mounted
  • Low-voltage
  • Output : 78.0kW/81.0kW
  • Solar Panels : 300

More than 1.3 to 1.5 times as much power generation can be expected as those generally sold in the market.
Solar power generation kit aiming at highest level power generation kit employing single or multi crystal type solar panels under low voltage contract.

"MY solar power generation kit 78/81" are for those who wish to have highest generation outcome under low voltage contract, in other words less than 50 kilo Watts’ regulation. MY solar power generation kit 78 employs Looop original 260W multi crystal solar panels while MY solar power generation kit 81 utilizes 270W single crystal solar panels.
You may select products depending upon daylight conditions and so force.
Both model can be introduced if you have more than 1150 square meters’ land.
You can choose from vertical and horizontal panel layouts to allow flexibility in designing power stations.
You can expect shorter investment recovery term with its reasonable price starting from 147 to 158 thousand yen per one kilo Watts.

MY solar power generation kit 78NT/MY solar power generation kit 84NT

  • Photovoltaic
  • Ground-mounted
  • Low-voltage
  • Output : 78.0kW/84.0kW
  • Solar Panels : 300

Low Voltage class (less than 50 kilo Watts output) high-end model with high output capability and high quality performance We proudly announce emergence of solar power generation kits employing dual glass construction solar panel “NEXTOUGH”

"MY Solar power generation kit 78NT" and that with 84NT are high-end models employing NEXTOUGH high quality, high durability solar panel. High output and high quality are brought by for both models.
MY Solar power generation kit 78NT utilizes multi-crystal type 260W NEXTOUGH solar panels while single-crystal type 280W panels are used in MY Solar power generation kit 84NT. Both model succeeded to gain high quality and high output together.
Longer life time is expected as of NEXTOUGH more than conventional type panels which is composed of two deterioration free glass plates in which power generation cells are firmly placed.
MY power generation kits 78NT/84NT are made to aim at short term investment returning by low pricing with 157 thousand yen/161 thousand yen for each of models per one kilo Watts output and high generation capability.

MY Solar power generation kit 68CIS

  • Photovoltaic
  • Ground-mounted
  • Low-voltage
  • Output : 68.0kW
  • Solar Panels : 400

High resistant kit to heat and shadow with a maximum capacity

"MY Solar power generation kit 68CIS" shows resistancy to heat and shadow. This kit provides a high electric-generation capability under low voltage contract in 1,240 m2 land.

MY Solar power generation kit folded-plate roof type

  • Photovoltaic
  • Rooftop
  • Low-voltage
  • Output : 12.24kW
  • Solar Panels : 48

"MY Solar power generation kit" for folded‐plate roof with the cost down

"MY Solar power generation kit folded-plate roof type" which can be installed on folded-plate roof. It can be accommodated to install 255W solar panels on roofs with various layouts.

MY Solar power generation kit Solashare

  • Photovoltaic
  • Air-type
  • Low-voltage
  • Output : 11.76kW
  • Solar Panels : 112

"It is possible to conduct farm work using a large sized tractor and to make adjustment on daylight. Most suitable kit to realize both agriculture and solar power generation together. "

"MY Solar power generation kit Solashare" is the package for farmlands which gives benefits to farmers. It allows farmers to adjust solar panels angle in order to gain sufficient sunshine and enable them to use a big tractor below the package. Besides farmers can gain income during agricultural off-season.

High Voltage MY solar power generation kit/Mega solar kit

  • Photovoltaic
  • Ground-mounted
  • High/mega
  • Output :131~655kW/1000kW~

Maintaining both price leader position in the marketplace and high quality.
Large-scale solar power generation kit is designed for integral and all in one package proposal and for easiness to install.

"High Voltage MY power generation kit" and "Mega solar kit" are products recommended from Looop for those who start large-scale solar power generation business utilizing wide area of land.
Looop provides middle-scale solar generation plants with more than 100 kilo Watts generation capabilities and large-scale solar generation plants exceeding 1000 kilo Watts generation outputs with inexpensive proposals Employing plural number of small-sized power conditioners contributes risk distributed power generation system preventing generation plants from outages and troubles and ensure business continuity and the remote monitoring system attached to them also provides opportunities for earlier and swift resolution of troubles.
Power generation business can easily be started by our highest cost performance models in the marketplace with introduction of our solar panels which show world’s utmost level conversion ratio.

Looop HomeSolar power generation system designed for houses application

Long life expectancy has been realized by dual glass construction.
Looop’s solar power generation system designed for houses application.

Home-use solar power generation products entered into new generation age We introduced “NEXTOUGH” solar power generation panel which aimed at next generation reliability by reviewing every aspect of components and technologies from its basic configurations.
It is free from heavy salt damages, severe snowfalls and other harsh environments from which houses may suffer. With these characteristics NEXTOUGH provides at most level of robustness and long life time and satisfy home electricity demands.
And HEMS (Home Energy Management System), a electricity visualization monitor, equipped with the system shall provide opportunities for full-fledged electricity usages.


The Next PV module
"NEXTOUGH" has the next generation durability

"NEXTOUGH" was completely redesigned to embody the concept of 100 years durability with new technology "DUAL GLASS PROTECT".
"NEXTOUGH" is robust to resist severe natural environment.
"NEXTOUGH" is the high quality product which brings solar generation improvement.

Power Conditioner System

"LP-P33KSG" power conditioner reduces the cost with the high reliability and performance. It allows to built a solar power system with lower initial cost.

Wind generation product

Small sized wind power generation Gaia-wind 133 turbine

  • Output :11.0kW

New wind brows for the future power generation trends.
You can expect high Return-On-Investment with higher FIT (Feed-In Tariff, standard offer contract) than solar power generation and 7 days 24 hours generation capability. Gaia-Wind 11 kilo Watts’ small sized power generation Kit.

Following very popular Looop produced MY solar power generation Kit, we propose easy-to-handle and easy-to-start small sized wind power generation system with NK certification already obtained. Looop acknowledges wind power generation as main stream of reproducible energy generation Looop provides low cost small sized 11 kilo Watts wind power generation system “Gaia-Wind 133 Turbine” appreciated in European market where introduction of reproducible energy generation is widely spread.
Gaia-Wind 133 Turbine excels in safety and robustness over other similar products with many installation experiences in European countries. You can expect high power generation productivity regardless of seasons change with such designing to deal with low velocity winds effectively.


Remote monitoring system

  • Monitoring

Monitoring power plant performance anytime, anywhere

"Mielooop" is the multifunctional, low-cost remote monitoring system which Looop developed based upon a wide range of experiences of solar power plant installations.

Total support services

  • Total support services

Monitoring, Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Insurance

Looop provides comprehensive services to support customers who manage a power plant. Monitoring service "Mielooop", Maintenance service "Mamolooop" and insurance are combined and offered to protect customers' power plants.

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